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Group training organisations

About group training organisations
A short definition and explanation of the role and responsibilities of a group training organisation.

Application evaluation
Once an organisation has submitted an application, the Department will evaluate it against the group training organisation operational manual. This section provides an overview of that process.

Application tips
Tips to assist organisations applying to be recognised as a group training organisation in Queensland.

Detailed information on group training organisation audits, including who conducts audits, when they are conducted, how to prepare for an audit, the audit process itself, and the different types of audits.

Becoming recognised
The process involved in being recognised as a group training organisation in Queensland.

Contact a group training organisation in your area.

Forms and resources
Application and audit forms.

Interstate group training organisations
Information for interstate organisations wishing to apply for recognition as group training organisations in Queensland.

National standards
Group training organisations in Queensland are required to comply with the National Standards for group training organisations. This section outlines those standards and their application within the recognition process for group training organisations in Queensland.

Operational manual
The group training organisation operational manual covers topics such as operating requirements, extending the scope of a group training organisation, and the closure of an organisation.

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